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The Good, The Bad and The Lanathelana on June 19th, 2012 10:15 pm (UTC)
VL is not very creative, kinda like short hair = lesbian. So imo no way is a redhead going to be a little damsel. So I think schemer, diva or "modern girl" (like Sarah). She doesn't have the soft beautiful face of a damsel either, I think her features look kinda odd (like you said, alien).

Random: her boyfriend looks like a less pretty Hubertus Grimm.

I still think that JH probably picked her according to his personal tastes and that's why an odd girl got a chance. Or they picked her for her singing alone (though based on her website I think her voice doesn't seem all that impressive. Like, it's probably impressive if she can carry a tune live on stage, but on VL it's recorded anyway, so it has to sound good recorded).

I'm kinda hoping that by the time she arrives at least one of the divas might have been reduced in screen time. Though if they maybe go with some sort "Tristan sets Marlene free at the altar because he sees she loves Rebecca" then they would have to attach another arc of Marlene winning back Rebecca. Do we have an idea how long Vivian is going to stay?

I was just thinking, if Arno's new support team is now Charlie, Clarissa and Timonie, won't that make Jessica's friendship useless? Would Clarissa even let Jessica in considering she doesn't seem to like her much? So what was the point of it? (I'm slowly leaning towards Dagen / Jessiel maybe actually "staying nice" aka nothing will actually happen there). Of course eventually Jana's theater vacation should come up right?
Lugia: calendar4lugia on June 19th, 2012 11:25 pm (UTC)
WTF? I just read that Janina performed in my city a couple of times, like 1km away from my house?! I used to walk the distance! What's the connection? Nobody ever comes to our "village". Well "Pronto Salvatore" was there at the end of the 80s and people flipped out. Usually it's the next bigger town (Andreas Elsholz was there at the beginning of the 90s). Does she have anything to do with Mirja Boes (she's from my village)? I'm sorry I missed her! But I might have saved old newspapers from those performances in December? Or know people who went?

It's just so strange to me because I had my "Kinderchor" singing education in that building and know it inside and out, so I have a very good idea of what went down there. And it's nothing worthy of a proper actress/singer! ;) There was a book reading session a la Schneiders there when I was a student and that was already something to write home about...

Ein Chansonabend der besonderen Art

Dülken, Altes Waisenhaus, Eligiusplatz 2

Mittwoch, den 6. Juni 2007, Einlaß 19.00 Uhr

"Verdammt, ich lieb´ Dich"

mit Janina Isabell Batoly & Jens Uwe Fiebig

Benefizkonzert zugunsten des Vereins "Freunde von Kanew", Eintritt 10 Euro

Zusätzlich stellt der Dülkener Sammler Volkmar Hess einige Grammofone
aus seiner Sammlung aus und präsentiert ab 19.00 Uhr und in den Pausen
deutsche Chansons und Schellackschätzchen aus dem Bereich "Tanzbares"
der 30er und 40er Jahre.

Vorverkauf: Stadtspiegel Viersen, BIT Viersen, Lotto Coenen Dülken


Liebe Janina,

Du hast die Dülkener Herzen mit Deinem Auftritt am Freitag, den 16.12.2011 im Sturm erobert - Danke für die genialen Darbietungen. Herzlichst Gisela


Anyway, I know a couple of redheads who were used as sexy/quirky secretaries. Kinda like that character on Mad Men or Chloe on "24". Or those dumb AWZ stories where Sarah is just the "Putze" and then rises to dancing major league.

No idea about Vivian. Does she fall under those strict child actor regulations? I thought about Jana's theatre too and how that blocks things with Thore before he's in Berlin too. Maybe that's why they were so creative with Amsterdam and Paris/homestories while they still could? It would maybe not affect Jessica, but definitely all her weekend plans.